I will open my bookings end of January 2023 for appointments from March - June 2023!


Appointments only via email! Please read the FAQ before!
Please make your email as short as possible and be patient with an answer!

Your email must contain the following points to get an answer and appointment!

  • Name, age, residence (only city) & mobile number
  • Motive or Lettering: Tell me what idea you have. Preferably just some tags and give me artistic freedom. Feel free to send drawings or photos for inspiration to me! If its a Lettering make sure its the correct spelling! What style do you want? Some examples of my work to show what you like is also a good idea! 
  • Placement: Where exactly do you want it and left or right side?
  • Size: round about the size in cm please!
  • Pictures: Please send me a frontal picture of the bodypart  (get down on its level!) Pls send me another version of the picture but with the size drawn on how you imagine it! 
    Is it going to be a cover up or do you want it attached to a tattoo you already have? If so, please show me your tattoo you want to be covered or expanded. Bodypart and size must be recognizable!

For the time of the appointment:

  • Preferred Day: You can choose a day from monday - friday. You can also tell me more than just one day.
    ( no appointments at the weekend! No exceptions! )